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Account Types

Local Developers

Users of the DDEV-Local development environment are free to use the DDEV-Local tool without creating an account. DDEV-Local is open source and hosting provider agnostic, so you can extend it to support additional hosting providers.

Individual user accounts

Each person that uses the DDEV-Live platform will have an individual account. To sign up for an account, visit To view your account information navigate to your settings page:

  • Account Name: The full-text name of your DDEV account. The Account Name might be your full name or could be the name of an organization.
  • Account Slug: The machine-friendly account name. The account slug is a shorter machine-friendly name that does not contain spaces or special characters. The account slug exists in all preview URLs, so make sure to pick something you are comfortable seeing regularly or distributing to clients.
  • Primary GitHub Account: The primary user that will be installing the DDEV-Live application on GitHub. This username should have administrative privileges on GitHub in order to connect DDEV-Live to the correct repositories in GitHub.
  • Primary Email: The primary email to use for all communication between the account holder and DDEV.

Organization accounts

Organizations are shared accounts that allow for collaboration with other engineers across multiple projects. Administrators of an organization can add and remove users, giving them the ability to work with the organization's projects.

Last update: 2020-10-19