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Authenticating from the command line

The DDEV-Live client initiates authentication via the ddev-live auth command. Running the command with no arguments will open a browser tab prompting you to complete the authentication process at After logging in through the browser page, authentication and configuration information will be passed to the client and you will be ready to interact with DDEV-Live.

Authenticating with a token

In instances where authenticating by interacting with a browser is not practical, you can pass a DDEV-Live API Token to the command-line. Your account settings hold the value for the DDEV-Live API Token under the "Integration" tab.

$ export DDEV_LIVE_TOKEN="my-ddev-live-token"
$ ddev-live auth --token $DDEV_LIVE_TOKEN

Storing the DDEV-Live API token as an environment variable and then referencing that environment variable is the recommend way of working with this type of token.


Authtentication with a default organization and a token:

Last update: 2020-10-19