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Frequently asked questions

General questions

How can I create a site?

The Getting Started guide shows how to get started with DDEV-Live.

How do I work with Composer on the platform?

Composer does not run on a Drupal site by default. To run composer install on site creation, include the flag --run-composer-install. Additionally if arguments are required for Composer, pass them in using the --composer-args <args> flag.

What does it mean when a site is ready?

After the create site command, a site is ready when the background processes (like databases and files system provisioning) have completed successfully, and DDEV-Live is able to successfully serve the site. This can take several minutes.
We’re working on improving the output of the create commands. Please let us know if you have feedback to share.

How do I know when a site is ready?

Use the describe site command to see if a site is ready. For example, ddev-live describe site <org>/<site>. The output will display several sections regarding status and health. These sections are not populated until the system reports on them, and the status messages change as the system provisions the site.
It may take some time before your site comes online.
When your site is ready, the describe site command output includes the preview URL for your site so you can confirm that it is displaying as expected.

Is there a site creation timeout?

Yes, the CLI will hang after 60 seconds by default, while waiting for the site creation to complete. This means the command is still executing on the platform and you should wait a while then check the status again. Use --timeout <int> to set a different timeout interval.

What happens when I push to a GitHub repo connected to DDEV-Live?

When you push to a connected GitHub repo, DDEV-Live automatically updates your site.

How can I make a backup of my database or files?

DDEV-Live includes commands to create a backup and restore for either a site’s database or files. You need to specify the organization and site name. For example, ddev-live backup database org1/demo2 and ddev-live backup files org1/demo2.

Do I always have to specify the organization?

No, you can set a default organization with ddev-live auth --default-org <org>.
When a default organization is set, you can ommit the --org <org> flag and generally not specify the org:
- Reference a resource by name alone: ddev-live describe site <site> instead of ddev-live describe site <org>/<site>.

Will you support other CMS solutions or other Git Providers?

We support Drupal, WordPress, and Typo3 sites with code hosted on GitHub. DDEV-Live will generally support other PHP applications and CMSs such as TYPO3 or Sulu. Support for other languages, WordPress, Bitbucket and GitLab is planned for the future.

Privacy and security

What is the data privacy policy?

DDEV-Live is covered by the DDEV Privacy Policy.

Is my site publicly accessible?

Your site will be live on our domain, which is a publicly accessible URL. You can also add your own TLD.


We want to help you be successful with DDEV-Live. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email our Support team.

You can view the uptime and status of the DDEV-Live hosting platform, and subscribe to updates.

We want to hear from you. Please send us your feedback using the Feedback form or by running ddev-live feedback from the command line. We aim to improve DDEV-Live to meet your needs, so we encourage you to really exercise the platform and try things out.

Last update: 2020-10-19