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Get started with DDEV-Live

This tutorial will step you through setting up DDEV-Live as a new user - from initial account authentication to installing the DDEV-Live CLI.

You will need

Install the DDEV-Live GitHub app

Grant DDEV-Live access to your selected repositories.
1. In your browser, navigate to
2. Log in to your existing account or create a new account. The DDEV-Live UI displays.
3. From the left sidebar, select settings>integration. Under GitHub integration, click the Install Github App link. A GitHub configuration page displays (you may need to log in to GitHub).
4. Choose the personal or organization account where you want to install the app, then select the repositories you want DDEV-Live to access and click Install. You or the organization must own the repositories.

You can change these settings and add or remove repositories later in settings/integration.

Install the DDEV-Live CLI

MacOS & Linux

Install the DDEV-Live CLI with Homebrew:

$ brew tap drud/ddev-live
$ brew install drud/ddev-live/ddev-live

Alternative macOS and Linux install

The below links will download a file named

Download the DDEV-Live CLI for macOS (darwin).

Download the DDEV-Live CLI for Linux.

  1. Extract For example: unzip
  2. Move the resulting ddev-live binary to a directory that is in your $PATH variable. For example: mv ~/Downloads/ddev-live /usr/local/bin. You may need to add to your $PATH in your .bash_profile or equivalent.


This will download a file named
Download the DDEV-Live CLI for Windows.

  1. Extract to a directory that is in your %PATH% variable. For example, extract to: C:\Program Files. You may need to edit and add to the Path environment variable in Advanced System Properties.

Verify installation and authenticate

Authentication connects the DDEV-Live platform to your install of the DDEV-Live CLI.

  1. In your terminal window, type ddev-live. Successful installation will return usage information. Run ddev-live [command] -h at any time for details on commands.
  2. Run ddev-live auth. A browser window opens the DDEV-Live dashboard displaying a confirmation message.
    The CLI displays Authentication complete!. If you are primarily working with one organization you may want to run ddev-live auth --default-org to refer to sites only using instead of / and eliminate needing to use the --org flag for subsequent commands.


Installing ddev-live with Homebrew:

Last update: 2020-10-19