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Usage of GitHub preview bot

The GitHub integration guide explains how to install the DDEV-Live GitHub app. The DDEV Preview bot requires a publicly visible email configured for your account in order to be able to perform authorization on each command.


If you have installed the DDEV-Live app before November 23rd, 2020, you will need to approve new set of permissions for reading and writing pull request comments to enable Preview bot functionality.

You can create new sites from each repository selected as part of the GitHub app installation. With the DDEV Preview bot, you can also clone existing sites and deploy them with code directly from a pull request as preview site for testing purposes. The commands are triggered as pull request comments, all you have to do is post the following comment:


The bot will build your Preview site and return a URL.

There are three pre-conditions for the DDEV Preview bot to be able to create preview sites:

  • The Repository has to be part of your DDEV-Live GitHub app installation.
  • The Command has to be triggered by the pull request author.
  • The Existing origin site on DDEV-Live references the repository and pull request's base branch. This is used as a reference to copy the database and file assets.

A list of supported commands for the bot is available at

Last update: 2021-01-06