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Usage of GitLab preview bot

The GitLab integration guide explains how to provide personal access token for DDEV-Live platform to interact with GitLab. The DDEV Preview bot requires the api scope.

You can create new sites on DDEV-Live from each repository the personal access token grants access to. With the DDEV Preview bot, you can also clone existing sites and deploy them with code directly from a merge request as preview site for testing purposes. The commands are triggered as merge request comments- all you have to do is to post the following:


The bot will build your Preview site and return a URL.

There are three pre-conditions for the DDEV Preview bot to be able to create preview sites:

  • The Repository has to be within the scope of the personal access token you used to set up credentials.
  • The Command has to be triggered by the merge request author.
  • The Existing origin site on DDEV-Live references the repository and merge request's base branch. This is used as a reference to copy the database and file assets.

A list of supported commands for the bot is available at

Last update: 2020-11-20