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Each new site you launch on DDEV-Live is given a default url. The url follows the format of where myorg and mysite are replaced with your organization name and the site name you used when creating the site. The preview url is always visible in SITE INFO from ddev-live describe site and as the PREVIEWURL from ddev-live list sites.

You can assign additional hostnames to a site with the ddev-live config hostname command. Once the DNS resolves for new hostnames we will make a request to Let's Encrypt for a ssl certificate on your behalf. Host information is stored in HOSTS from ddev-describe site.

Add a Hostname

The following command adds a hostname of to a site named mysite in the ddev-demo organization.

$ ddev-live config hostname add mysite
Added hostname to site ddev-demo/mysite

Describe a Hostname

You can use ddev-live describe site to view the hostname details for a given site. The following examples use a site named mysite which has been configured to recognize the domain.

$ ddev-live describe site mysite

Look for the HOSTNAMES section in the output.
 - Hostname:        
   TLSDisable:                false
   TLSDisableRedirect:        false

Read the TLS documentation for further details on configuring TLSDisable and TLSDisableRedirect.

Updating DNS

In order for your hostname to resolve you will need to update an A record for apex domains and a CNAME for sub domains like www. Your A records should use the ip address if a CNAME is not available. All other records should use a CNAME of Please consult your DNS providers documentation for additional instructions.

Delete a Hostname

The following command deletes a hostname of from a site named mysite in the ddev-demo organization.

$ ddev-live config hostname delete mysite
Deleted hostname from site ddev-demo/mysite

Last update: 2020-10-19