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We want to spend a few minutes to help you understand what the DDEV-Live platform represents and some of the considerations we've used while crafting what you are about to experience.

In a not so distant past, Open Source Content Management Systems changed the face of the internet. People that collaborated on the problems a user of a website would face revolutionized the web by working together in open and inclusive communities. As sites increased in popularity and robustness the challenges associated with hosting for a global audience became increasingly complex. As the problems of creating content became a focal point, the underlying hosting necessary to drive user experiences was left behind. To me, this represented the first phase of watching Open Source change the world.

Today, we are in the second phase of Open Source as it relates to delivering sites on the internet. We no longer have to explain what Open Source is as there are many successful examples. Projects like Kubernetes now exist with strong governance models and participation levels that far outpace what we saw in the CMS phase. These projects focus entirely on the underlying infrastructure needed by the global CMS. The result is rapidly evolving community projects that offer great promise to workflows and business challenges, but that sometimes feels like quicksand. Move too fast, and you may find yourself mired in complexity and antiquity while struggling to keep up.

DDEV-Live is the culmination of six years worth of patience, observation, and hard work by an international team that believes in a better way of working on the internet. We've watched the adoption of our local development tools and listened to our users to understand what is missing in today's hosting providers. We've had to wait for supporting technologies and communities to mature instead of marching forward with excessive overhead and technical debt. We work tirelessly to bring you an experience that gives you the tools to be ready for a future that you control.

DDEV-Live is unlike any other platform you have used. It is a maturing technology that needs your input and feedback to help it grow. You have our commitment to bring the quality and simplicity in your workflows that you have come to expect. Enjoy an entirely new way of building on the internet that puts the best of Open Source at your fingertips. You are an integral part of what we are growing, and we are deeply grateful for your participation. Spend a little time to get to know us and let's work to make this the best tool for you.

Thank you for allowing us to serve as your mentors as we work together to redefine what the internet can be. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear from you.

Last update: 2020-10-19