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Many of the commands that are issued against the DDEV-Live platform are processed as a job. In each instance of a command that generates a job you will be given a job ID that allows you to track the status of the job. When a job is complete it is not deleted so that you can continue to check it's status as necessary.

Getting a Job ID

The following example generates a job as a result of performing a database backup against a site named mysite for the ddev-demo organization. The job ID will always bethe last line of output that is returned once a command is executed. In this example, the job ID is ddev-demo/mysite-h9fqh.

$ ddev-live backup database mysite
Initiated database backup: ddev-demo/mysite-h9fqh

Getting a Job's Details

ddev-live describe is used to view more details about a specific job. You can describe jobs related to backups, databases, execs, restores, and sites.

The following command describes a database backup that was successfully generated for the mysite site against the ddev-demo organization.

$ ddev-live describe backup database mysite-jtsg8
Name:     mysite-jtsg8
Org:      ddev-demo
Created:  2d ago (2020-04-29 09:32:42 -0400 EDT)
Database: mysite
Complete: true
Bytes:    31556
Path:     gs://9db61369-7e94-11ea-8154-a2d42e636/database/backups/adhoc/mysite-jtsg8.gz

Last update: 2020-10-19