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Preview Bot

The DDEV-Live platform supports launching preview sites directly from supported source code providers, GitHub and GitLab. The bot detects new pull or merge requests on repositories connected to DDEV-Live and allows users to trigger the following actions using comments on the PR or MR:

Basic commands

  • /ddev-live-help - display preview bot help
  • /ddev-live-preview-site - launch a preview site based on the code in this PR/MR
  • /ddev-live-delete-preview-site - delete existing preview site associated with this pull or merge request

The command /ddev-live-help is triggered automatically on each new pull or merge request from which creation of a preview site is possible. The branch against which the PR or MR has been raised must be deployed on DDEV-Live for Preview to be available. More information about this is provided on the GitHub and GitLab pages. Similarly, /ddev-live-delete-preview-site is triggered when pull or merge request is closed.

Last update: 2020-11-20