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You can create backups of both files and databases that can be restored to a running site.



Syncing Data

Backups are organization scoped and can be reused between multiple sites in the same organization. But they are bound to a site and will get garbage collected when the site is deleted.

One use case where this can be useful is attempting to sync file and database content from a production site to a site which is under development.

For example:

$ ddev-live backup database my-org/production-site
Initiated database backup: my-org/production-site-v4j6f

For backup status, run:
  ddev-live describe backup database my-org/production-site-v4j6f

This backup can be restored to another site:

$ ddev-live restore database my-org/feature-site production-site-v4j6f
Initiated database backup restore my-org/feature-site-5d7mv

For restore status, run:
  ddev-live describe restore database my-org/feature-site-5d7mv

Last update: 2020-11-02