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Unifying the experience when connecting to various Git providers

DDEV-Live as a platform currently supports connections to GitHub and GitLab. Both can be referenced in commands if you use the ddev-live CLI. If you use the UI on to create a new site then only GitHub is currently available. UI support for GitLab is in progress now. In the future, we'll have more provider agnostic commands.

Tooling unification

We want the transition from local to live to be as smooth as possible. To this end, you may currently use the DDEV-Local integration, as well as following the guided stepper in the UI.

Additional integrated support is coming soon, and in the meantime we'd love to hear from you about what you expect from that experience!

Billing and sign up

We're currently making it even easier for you to start a trial account on DDEV-Live. At the moment the signup process requests your GitHub username and a credit card to get started. Changes to this process are rolling out in Spring 2021. If you're eager to get going, want to make a special request, or have a different need from what the listed plans allow for, please email us.


Fine tuning! We've reached a nice plateau and want to make everything runs smoothly before adding additional features.


Expanding the list of supported CMSs and frameworks. Offering fine-grained permissions support for various user roles.

We also want to hear from you about your portfolio of sites and their requirements. The most important part of the platform is you; please do start a conversation with us anywhere, anytime :)

Last update: 2021-03-26