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More Git hosting providers

We know many of you have repos hosted in GitLab, BitBucket, and Gogs and we don’t want to lock you into just using GitHub.

Tooling unification

We want the transition from local to live to be as smooth as possible, so we need to make some bolts and nuts changes to software versions, images, configuration files.

Billing and entitlements

You should only be paying for exactly the things you’re using, we need manage our inventory, and be able to do things like regularly bill a credit card. (Who knew!) But.. if you want to pay to use our platform now, we can facilitate that too, just get in touch!


Better workflows

More debug tools

Protection for production workloads


Expanding the list of CMSs and frameworks

TYPO3, static sites (Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, etc), NodeJS, Ruby on Rails -- just to name a few. We also want to hear from you about your portfolio of sites and their requirements.

Last update: 2020-10-19